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'A Perfect Spy' 
By John le Carré

Client: The Folio Society


Art Direction: Sheri Gee

Description: I had the great pleasure of illustrating and designing 'A Perfect Spy' By John le Carré for The Folio Society.   I created 9 illustrations plus designed the cover and slipcase.

- Bound in screen-printed and blocked buckram

- Integrated black-and-white title-page illustration plus 8 full-page colour            illustrations

- Printed and blocked slipcase

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‘Le Carré understood that espionage is an extreme version of the human comedy, even the human tragedy. A Perfect Spy will very likely remain his greatest book.’     New Yorker
Widely regarded as John le Carré’s masterpiece, A Perfect Spy is also the author’s most autobiographical work, drawing on his own early life and experiences. The result is a novel that is both a thrill ride of interconnected mysteries, and a moving portrayal of a life marked by subterfuge and betrayal. For this first ever illustrated edition, The Folio Society and artist Sam Green worked closely with the le Carré estate to ensure that the illustrations captured all the novel’s tension and poignancy. When talking about the book, le Carré commented: ‘Although I've never been to a shrink, writing A Perfect Spy is probably what a very wise shrink would have advised me to do’. This very special novel represents a chance not only to read one of the greatest spy stories ever written, it also provides an opportunity to get to know one of our greatest writers a little better.
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'Like tall thin men with moustaches who come up to him at cricket matches-'


She lay in running position, sideways on the flagstones

LOW RES2.jpg

As gently as if she is lifting bandages from a wound she lays them in the same pattern on the tablecloth

LOW RES2.jpg

... all I hear from him is the clicking of Herr Ollinger's typewriter


'Have you ever come across Czechs using back numbers of newspapers?'  Brotherhood asked

LOW RES2.jpg

...the scratchy Irish voice prevails like a door squeak that will not go away

LOW RES3.jpg

Rick is lying in the bath...his marbled feet crossed each other as if in accordance with some Oriental ritual

LOW RES3.jpg

His gaze, like a barrel of the automatic, was fixed on Pym

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