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Sam Green is an illustrator based in Hackney, London. He developed a passion for drawing at an early age and went on to complete a BA in Illustration at Brighton University and then a Masters in Communication Design at Central St Martins.

Sam's journey as a professional illustrator has been diverse due to his ability to bring a broad array of approaches to creating images for clients over the years. He's been a character designer for Lucasarts, designed a huge metallic mural installation for a mysterious Russian oligarch’s yacht, designed a tattoo for Frank Ocean's thigh (which has since been lasered off), he's been a storyboard artist for film and television as well as having a plethora of editorial and book publishing commissions. Using traditional media as well as modern technology to create his images, his drawing skills are always the backbone of his work and he endeavours to create images that are rich in detail, colour, texture and invite the viewer into an atmosphere that can be playfully surreal as well as thought provoking.

Sam's work tackles a wide range of topics ranging from fictional, political to psychological themes, portraiture or narrative based work. His work weaves figurative, landscape, realism and objects into dreamlike scenes that feel contemporary but also contain nods to the past. Drawing inspiration from contemporary painters or radical Japanese poster designers, a love of experimental film and music, his eclectic tastes have informed his approach which is always evolving and embracing new creative challenges.




The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Folio Society, Esquire Magazine, Orion Publishing, HM Government, Penguin Random House, Wallpaper Magazine, The Verge Magazine, Wired Magazine, The New Statesman, BBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fallon, JWT, Based Upon, Lucas Arts, Frank Ocean, and Jennifer Lopez among others.


T: +44 (0)77 4303 4877       

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